Copy-Paste Versions Of Their Parents

As soon as a baby is born, all the aunties start the never-ending debate whether the newborn took after mom or dad. But sometimes no discussions are needed. Sometimes it looks like the kid is totally a clone of one of the parents. Or a genius time traveler.

Do you look like a copy-paste version of your mom or dad, too? Take a look and leave a comment. :)

copy-paste-versions-of-their-parents-1 copy-paste-versions-of-their-parents-2 copy-paste-versions-of-their-parents-3 copy-paste-versions-of-their-parents-4 copy-paste-versions-of-their-parents-5 copy-paste-versions-of-their-parents-6 copy-paste-versions-of-their-parents-7 copy-paste-versions-of-their-parents-8 copy-paste-versions-of-their-parents-9 copy-paste-versions-of-their-parents-10 copy-paste-versions-of-their-parents-12 copy-paste-versions-of-their-parents-13 copy-paste-versions-of-their-parents-14

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