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If you can not have this kind of beard, then it is better to shave yourself

A few years ago, I heard the grandmother said that she

Weirdest and most unexplainable pictures ever – Vol. 2

Ok, because the last post had great response from you, we

35 black and white photos from the past that cannot be explained!

In this series of 35 images from the past, you’ll be

Weirdest and most unexplainable pictures ever!

These totally bizarre photos are all perfect examples of how, sometimes, context

Creative fixes that are borderline genius

Now we say these are lazy fixes, and they sure are,

Funny prom photo fails

Prom night is probably one of the most important nights to

Creepy ultra realistic sculptures by Sam Jinks

Sam Jinks’ sculptural work sustains the briefest and often most private

‘Handheld’ disturbing skin sculptures!

Don’t worry, this isn’t real human skin, or so she tells

Craziest foreign objects found stuck in a rectum!

According to ER doctors, getting foreign objects stuck in your anus

Incredibly bizarre and awful cakes!

Everyone in the world loves a nice slab of cake every