10+ Funny looking cats who got stung by bees

We all remember the old saying, “curiosity killed the cat,” and while the inquisitive nature of our favorite felines might not always end in their untimely deaths, it certainly has a high likelihood of ending in at least a bee sting. Below are a group of cats who got a little too close to a bee for comfort, and ended up paying a hefty price. Now, it’s never cool to laugh at another creature’s pain, but we will say that looking at these cats with their swollen jaws and paws is slightly adorable. However, bee stings like this can often pose a serious threat to an animal, so if it happens to yours, address the situation immediately. Until then, feel free to crack a smile at these guys – they all made it out of this predicament just fine.

cat-bee-stings cat-bee-stings1 cat-bee-stings1- cat-bee-stings2 cat-bee-stings3 cat-bee-stings4 cat-bee-stings5 cat-bee-stings6 cat-bee-stings7 cat-bee-stings8 cat-bee-stings9 cat-bee-stings12 cat-bee-stings13 cat-bee-stings14 cat-bee-stings15 cat-bee-stings16 cat-bee-stings17 cat-bee-stings18 cat-bee-stings19 cat-bee-stings20 cat-bee-stings21 cat-bee-stings22

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